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  1. Shadow Mountain & Grand Teton National Park Pt. 1

    2021-01-31 00:26:00 UTC

    Teton range and the sagebrush plain We left Yellowstone longing for a sense of freedom. What we saw next did not disappoint. As we rolled into Grand Teton National Park, a perfect range of snow-covered peaks piercing the crystal blue sky appeared before us. Someone said describing them: “This is…

  2. Yellowstone National Park, Pt. 2 & Shoshone National Forest

    2021-01-22 01:11:00 UTC

    Panoramic view of Excelsior geyser in Yellowstone As you drive around Yellowstone, there is a good chance to see a great variety of wildlife directly from your window. Two Harlequin ducks in the middle of Yellowstone river rapids Elk resting by the tree Elk scaling thermal hills We were fortunate…

  3. Bighorn National Forest & Yellowstone National Park, Pt. 1

    2021-01-21 04:19:00 UTC

    Bighorn panorama with our camping site on the right In order to get to Yellowstone we had to drive through Central Wyoming and cross Bighorn Mountain range. We were looking for a place to camp for that night, and Bighorn National Forest was right on the way. So we set…

  4. Fort Pierre National Grassland & Badlands National Park

    2021-01-11 19:51:00 UTC

    Panoramic view of Fort Pierre Grassland We continued towards Badlands National park. However, we couldn’t reach it on the same day – too much driving. So I found a place where we could camp and test the public land hypothesis – Fort Pierre National Grassland in South Dakota.  Camping over…

  5. Chicago, Milwaukee & Madison, WI

    2020-12-23 20:10:00 UTC

    Panoramic view of Milwaukee Art Museum Our starting point was New York City, so we pinned Chicago as our first stop. It was a long, and merciless drive that took us around 15hrs (with a couple of quick picturesque stops, like the one at Delaware Water Gap).  Delaware Water Gap…

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