Chicago, Milwaukee & Madison, WI

Our starting point was New York City, so we pinned Chicago as our first stop. It was a long, and merciless drive that took us around 15hrs (with a couple of quick picturesque stops, like the one at Delaware Water Gap). 

Pennsylvania was very pretty to drive through, with its picturesque green hills rolling by. The landscape changed as soon as we reached Ohio, and from then on it was just a straight wide highway cutting through an endless plain. 

What an exhausting day!

We got to Chicago at 10pm and crashed at a friend’s apartment for the night (thank you, Ana). Next morning Milwaukee was the next stop. I really wanted to see the architectural masterpiece of Santiago Calatrava – the Milwaukee Art Museum. It was as grand and as stunning as I anticipated.

Then we hopped back in the car and drove to Madison, where we spent the next couple of days in chill mode. Highlights included visiting mind-blowing enterprise under the name of “House on the Rock”; canoeing with David Eagan on Wisconsin river near Richland Center; and sightseeing idyllic neighborhoods of Madison. 

After that borrowed some camping supplies from Nancy & Todd and took off West, away from the comfort and a cozy bed and into the wilderness towards the grand adventure.   



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