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  1. Grand Teton National Park Pt. 2 & Jackson Hole

    2021-02-08 05:11:58 UTC

    Jenny Lake panoramic view A more serious hike was our second day endeavor. We picked Cascade Canyon trail, which is a 13.6-mile long hike that starts at South Jenny Lake Junction. There you have an option either to take a trail around Jenny Lake, or a boat across it, effectively…

  2. Minnesota & Dispersed Camping

    2021-01-03 03:08:47 UTC

    Panoramic view of Mississippi river On a low start in Wisconsin, we went to a supermarket and got a bunch of food for the trip. Badlands was still ~9 hours away, so the first night we landed in Minnesota on a campground right next to Mississippi river in Great River…

  3. Chicago, Milwaukee & Madison, WI

    2020-12-23 20:10:00 UTC

    Panoramic view of Milwaukee Art Museum Our starting point was New York City, so we pinned Chicago as our first stop. It was a long, and merciless drive that took us around 15hrs (with a couple of quick picturesque stops, like the one at Delaware Water Gap).  Delaware Water Gap…

  4. Wild West Roadtrip – Intro (pt.2)

    2020-11-30 17:14:00 UTC

    THE GRAND PLAN We thought things through. Or at least gave it a good try. Overall it worked pretty well!   COVID NOTE: During the trip we saw some of the parks only half open, others were fully closed (White Sands, Carlsbad Caverns in NM). Many services were not functional, for…

  5. Wild West Roadtrip – Intro (pt.1)

    2020-11-14 04:18:00 UTC

    This story begins in Spring of 2020, the apex of uncertainty. An unknown and brutal virus hits the world: countries close their borders, businesses shut down operations, people are isolated at home – their jobs on pause, their plans on pause, their lives on pause.  The feeling of impending doom…

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