Wild West Roadtrip – Intro (pt.1)

This story begins in Spring of 2020, the apex of uncertainty. An unknown and brutal virus hits the world: countries close their borders, businesses shut down operations, people are isolated at home – their jobs on pause, their plans on pause, their lives on pause. 

The feeling of impending doom gets constantly fueled by distressing news of growing number of infection cases every single day. And here we were, sitting in a Brooklyn apartment, right in the very center of the Apocalypse, thinking… “Screw that, we’re going West!”

Characters of the story

  • Dashulya (That’s me)
  • A photographer / creative director with a job on pause (thanks, COVID19). 

    • Jackulya (partner in crime, utka, sosisochka, boyfriend, etc.) 

    Cinematographer trapped at home with me during quarantine & shelter in place. Has lately been seriously considering a career switch to stop-motion animation. 

    • Ёжmobile 

    A 2008 Honda FIT. 

    Dates & Route 

    “Maybe if we just left for a month or two… We could come back, and things would just be normal again?”

    May 30 – July 8, 2020

    New York – Chicago – Milwaukee WI – Madison WI – Badlands NP – Bighorn NF – Yellowstone – Grand Teton NP – Salt Lake City UT – Arches NP – Canyonlands NP – Bryce – Zion – Grand Canyon – Tucson AZ – Saguaro NP – White Sands NP / Caverns NP (failed) – Albuquerque – Lake Meredith TX – Oklahoma City OK – Arkansas – Memphis TN – Nashville TN – Great Smoky Mountains NP – Virginia Beach – New York. 

    Weather range included: rain + thunderstorms (Minnesota), freezing cold + snow (Yellowstone), hurricanes (Wyoming), dry desert with wildfires (Arizona), extreme wind (Wisconsin + Utah), extreme humidity (Arkansas). 

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